With the popularity of the Duck Race, it is possible that the number of sponsorships sold will exceed the number of ducks used in the race. After the sponsorship corresponding to the highest numbered duck is sold, assignment of ducks will start over with duck #1. In that case, more than one sponsor will be assigned to a single duck. For example, if there are 1000 ducks in the race, the 1001st sponsor will be assigned to duck #1, the 1002nd sponsor will be assigned to duck #2, and so on. The same method will apply beginning with the 2001st sponsor. This will cause certain ducks to have multiple sponsors. In the event that a duck with multiple sponsors places as a winner, a "run-off" will be held to determine which sponsor has won the prize. The run-off will be a method of random selection such as a coin-flip or drawing (as determined in the sole discretion of the Rotary Club of Buffalo Grove).

Your donation matters... and helps Rotary make a difference in the world!

In the event that weather, safety concerns, or other extenuating circumstances prevent the Duck Race from taking place at its intended location, then the location of the Duck Race may be changed, or another method of random selection may be employed to determine the winners of the Duck Race (as determined in the sole discretion of the Rotary Club of Buffalo Grove).

The Duck Race is a game of chance. Ducks are assigned and winners are determined randomly and there is no skill involved. The Rotary Club of Buffalo Grove shall make every effort to maintain fairness and an equal chance of winning by all participants. All decisions and results are final.

Participants are encouraged to check the website for the listed winners. If they are listed, they should email their mailing address to the contact email address listed so the prize can be mailed by USPS to them. Winners not emailing their mailing address will be notified by the phone number and email address information they provided on the ticket stub. Multiple attempts will be made to award those that have won a prize. In the event that there is no response or reply to the attempts to contact a winner and 2 months have past since the race, the winner will forfeit their winnings and the funds will be considered a donation to the Rotary.


Thank you for your donation to the Duck Race. Rotary supports many local charities and community initiatives including hunger relief, safety programs, park improvements, Special Olympics, school programs, and student exchanges. Beyond their local efforts, its members have traveled to global service projects that include providing fresh water in Africa, development projects for schools in the Guatemalan jungle, and immunization efforts to eradicate polio in India and Nigeria.

Buffalo Grove Rotary Duck Race